Why train with us?

Why take the Lash Gal Course?


Deciding on which Lash company to train with, may be one of the hardest decisions to make. It is important to take into consideration the pros and the cons of all of your options. Questions you stumble upon; Do I go with a well-established company that has a name that has been around for a while? Do I take a course with my local aesthetician or cosmetology school recommended? Is a 1-day course really enough time to learn all the things I need to start my new lash career?


Training with Lash Gal will help you stand out from the rest and will help you build a successful business that will keep clients coming back. With our specific approach to the lash industry, your business will be in high demand allowing you to grow the business the way you like and build a solid career.


A Lash Gal training course has various amounts of pros. Here are some of the pros:


  1. 3 Day Beginner Courses: Don’t be fooled by taking a 1-day course. Our courses are designed to prepare you to begin as a Pro. We teach all the latest techniques. We cover marketing and so much more! Best of all we give you the opportunity to work on 1-2 live models!
  2. We teach Classic, Hybrid, and Volume: Most lash companies only teach classic lashes and then you can come back and pay them again to learn volume. We teach you everything in one course.
  3. Certification is EARNED and not given: Many lash courses provide certification to students regardless of how well they have grasped the information and technique. Here at Lash Gal we want our students clients to know that their Lash Artist has earned their Lash Gal certification by demonstrating safe, high-quality lashing! Every Lash Gal certified artist has had their worked throughly assessed and has met the criteria that we believe should be standard in the lash industry!
  4. After Graduation on-going help!