Eyelash Extensions

How long does the service take?

Full sets typically take 2-2.5+ hours, refills take half as long. Additional time may be added for removals or cleansing.

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Eyelash extensions should not damage your natural lashes as long as they are applied correctly and the natural lashes can sustain the chosen set. There are various factors on how they can be damaging to your natural lashes such as if the chosen set is too long or heavy, if they incorrectly placed, and if the client picks their lashes off, that will damage their natural lashes.

How can I remove my lash extensions?

We suggest booking a removal as it is the safest way to remove the lashes. It is important not to pick the lashes off.

How long do they last and how often will I need to refill them?

Eyelash extensions can last up to a month however, refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain full lashes and the health of your natural lashes. 

I have had a reaction to them in the past. Can I still get them done?

We do not suggest getting your lashes done if you have had a reaction in the past. Prior to booking it is important to let your technician know that you have had a reaction in the past.

How long do I have to wait before I can get them wet?

We suggest waiting 24-48 hours before getting them wet. 

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

Brush them daily, do not pick them, cleanse daily using a lash shampoo or oil free makeup remover whether you wear makeup or not. When you do have eyelash extensions it is important to pay more attention to your eye area when wearing making to ensure that you are keeping them free from any left over gunk.

I am unsure which set to get, what do you suggest?

We suggest a light volume set for your first time if you are new to lashes or a set that mimics your favourite strip lashes. Additionally, we can style your face and choose a suitable and flattering set specific to you.

Can I wear make up with eyelash extensions?

Yes. You can wear makeup with the lashes however make sure it is all removed at the end of the night. You cannot put mascara on them.


Can anyone get their lashes done?

Yes. As long as your natural lashes can support eyelash extensions. If your natural lashes are sparse, or too short we may not service you to ensure we are not damaging your natural lashes.


My natural lashes are short, and sparse. What can I do?

We suggest using a lash growth serum (we like GrandelashMD available at Sephora or amazon) or Black Jamaican castor oil (can be purchased at a health store or beauty supply store) until your natural lashes are healthy again.


Eyelash Strips

How long do your lashes last?

Lash Gal's lashes can be worn up to 30 times, this depends on proper care and maintenance of your lashes. The more gentle and loving you are to your lashes the longer they will last. Checkout our 'How to Care' page for more detailed instructions on how to care for your lashes.

Can I apply mascara to my lashes?

Please do not apply mascara to your lashes as this can ruin the quality of the hair and limit the number of uses. Many cosmetic products contain oils that can ruin the shine and quality of the hair. It is, however, okay to apply mascara on your natural lashes before applying your lashes.

Can I curl my lashes?

Yes! Because Lash Gal lashes are made of a material that mimics human hair, you can curl the lashes as if they were your own. We do not recommend using heated eyelash curlers. 

Where do I store my lashes?

To maximize the number of uses of your lashes, we highly recommend placing them in its original casing when not in use. This will protect the lashes from dust and moisture and prevent them from being damaged inside your makeup bag. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Depending on your location, shipping times may vary. 

I emailed customer support, how long can I expect to wait before receiving a response?

Please allow 24 to 48 hours to receive a response from our team. Keep in mind we are closed on weekends and most major holidays.